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republican and a good mormon but now it is reversed think a harry reid cannot be of good mormon to support abortion. hi say let's not talk about parties. they come and go and platforms change. that is why it is closer to libertarian as some. >>host: new right that latter-day saints constructed by numerous church leaders to have wide laws and policies it discards left right paula back -- paradox an approaching from perspective of every issue. >> yes. left and right is an ominous day synonymous. i see them both as the interventionist. they use coercion to force people and when a basic element is morrow we should be free and unrestrained to choose anb unaccountable it is the persuasion to get people to do the right thing. it is between persuasion and force. i tried to boil down to the libertarian position to support their areas of interest. >>host: take harry reid and mitt romney. does her real reads politics make him of bad more men or good more men? >> it depends we ask and which issues. some issues are objectionable has mitt romney. harry reid on the social welfare policies or abortion. th
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: all right. today it was reported that senator harry reid went after him and said that he's not the face of mormonnism. in the practice of law, we saw open the door. does this now open the door for governor romney to come back on things like reverend wright? >> if the president was decent, he would demand harry reid withdraw that. the kind of things left wingers get away in this country, whether they're attacking catholicismcatholicism mormonisg as it's not islam, you can get away with it. what he said is despicable, and it's why i'm for akin. i think he's a disgrace to this country. >> bill: he had an anonymous source saying governor romney didn't pay taxes. intelligencit was the most biza. he's a lawyer. nothing like that would be permitted in court. today he goes after him on religious grounds. he's also mormon himself. >> harry reid is a vicious machine politician. go back and look at his election, re-election. his approach to politics is to destroy his opponent, to say whatever he has to say, to have total disregard of the truth. all he's interested in is raw power. h
harry reid of november and house minority leader nancy pelosi of california. later on there will be video tributes, the first to fermenter president jimmy carter and one to the late senator edward kennedy of massachusetts. and of course much later tonight as judy mentioned, the keynote from the 37 year old mayor of san antonio texas, hoolian julit trocastroand michelle obama, tht lady of the united states. >> woodruff: mark shields and draifd brooks were with us last weak in tampa and they are here with us in charlotte. what does this line up tonight say to you what the democrats, what barack obama wants to accomplish. >> michelle obama isç obviously the mostç interesting one. just as romney needed to be, still president obama needs to be humanized a little. he's a bit ensue her. motivation behind healthcare and the turmoil to do a lot of things; even though the overall rates is high and has been phenomenally favorable, the favorable or unfavorable rated has shifted quite significantly. an abc pofl has obama's unfavorability among women going up by 11 poifnts w
. in fact, harry reid who had been calling mitt romney and accusing mitt romney of not having paid taxes in the past put out a statement saying he manipulated the return by limiting the charitable deductions and he hasn't given us the answers. mitt romney hopes that this release is going put this issue behind him at least a little bit and he picked an opportune time to do it in the week when the 47% video drew so much attention. it could hardly get worse on that issue and better for mitt romney to move toward next week in advance of the debates and get on to other issues like his economic plans. >> john harwood, as the fourth of state, i would imagine you would be all over harry reid. what he was able to come back with is he manipulated 2011 charitable, and every year he paid a minimum 14%. harry reid said without identifying sources that the years he paid zero taxes. why aren't people saying there were years -- harry reid, i mean, i don't know if i would call it a lie, but that looks to me like that has been totally put to rest and you're keying on that all he can say is thatty hoo mani
four years. >> harry reid is targeting mitt romney's mormon faith. that's fine. let's talk about the president's faith. >> no, no, no. not bless america, damn america. >> sean: all of that, and the president is not reading off the teleprompter. >> we don't have all the information yet. >> sean: and the ad the main street media don't want you to see. we're 40 days from election day. "hannity" starts right here right now. if you want a glimpse into what the future holds for america if president barack obama is handed a second term, take a hard long look at the chaos unfolding in the group in europe. violent riots are raging in the streets of spain and greece as angry mobs protest against the government and austerity measures there. in athens, more than 70,000 people descended on the greek parliament. molotov cocktails targeted police officers, and similar scenes of violence in madrid as well, but make no mistake if this president is in fact afforded another four years in office and has the ability to run up our national debt another $6 trillion, look right there, this is what main
-free. >> with that harry reid. this is politics make him a bad mohrmann, a good mormon? >> it depends the last. i find some of the objectionable them i don't necessarily play that to mean is a bad moment. certainly planning may have differing applications of the underlying principles. my name with the book is try to bring those principles more to the surface and suggest more consistent application. discussion i don't think should be is he a good mormon men. if you're not correctly applied these principles to politics back and apply to conservatives, liberals, everything in between what is an inconsistency and here's how it's being misapplied the same issue with mitt romney on warfare. a fund is position on war for to be "repugnant. i don't think that means he's a bad moment. i simply think that he is inconsistent in applying the principles of the bill clinton believe in to his positions. >> what can we learn about moronic as a potential person. >> it's a good question with the election coming up. by no means the system and run the buck. many people have asked the question, and i think it's a fair on. what
this would work. harry reid said it was a sure thing. mitch mcconnell expected it to work. committee met. the mechanism was to come up with this deficit reduction. and if you don't, we'll have sequestration, means forced spending cuts immediately in 2013 in a way that is decided almost with a hatchet, so everyone gets cut. the super committee failed. host: james from louisiana. caller: who do you think is calling the shots in the white house? the thing it is valerie jarrett or the other end of the chicago machine. guest: the president is calling the shots. he is heavily influenced and the man who ran his successful campaign in 2008, the senior adviser and has the office closest to the oval office. geography is very significant. when there is a decision to be made, he ways and with the political angle. i would say his influence, valerie jarrett plays a role. there are many other people. the congressional liaison plays a significant role in all of these. i layout exactly what happened, what we used to call the best obtainable version of the truth and it is often emotional. at many points i
. and this is the difficulty at home. for some -- i mean, take the president's own party. harry reid, the democrat. the leader of the senate, the second most powerful democrat in washington. he goes down to the white house and to wake the president up he has to use his chief of staff to tell him, i'm disappointed in you, the president, in the oval office, that we didn't have a fallback plan for all the shenanigan insist 2012. 2012 -- shenanigans in 2011. reed is leaving with his chief of staff in the car, and he says, i'm glad, you did a good job. someone had to tell him that. no one was telling him that. >> sean: nobody can tell him the truth. >> so the democratic leader needs to go into the oval office at 6:00 on a sunday night to kind of wake everyone up, including the president of the united states? >> sean: it's frightening. you know, i really loved your book. i actually went back and started rereading it, knowing you'll be on the program today. i look at this president, and i think of woodward, your partner who's a little more left wing, and bernstein and watergate, all that you've been through in your
% effective tax rate and the person who is telling lies here is harry reid who is eating his words tonight because he went on the senate floor and accused mitt romney of not paying any taxes in the past ten years. guess what? he's paid taxes, state and federal, for the past0 years. in the past 20 years he's given on average 40% of his income to the government, to charity and to his church. >> i think that's a very good point. let me go to henry rosen. that is a very good point. doesn't harry reid have to stand up now and issue a public apology to mitt romney? >> my guess is harry reid would feel better if he actually saw the returns instead of a letter from a bunch of accountants swearing that mitt romney paid taxes. >> you're saying the accountants are lying? >> no. i'm just saying i'm not sure that harry reid is feeling too contrite about this until mitt romney actually shows what he's done. >> i think -- stop for one moment. i think he should be feeling contrite. i don't think it's good enough for harry reid, who stands up with all the power of the senate behind him, and basically says
. doesn't harry reid have to stand up now and issue a public apology to mitt romney? >> my guess is harry reid would feel better if he actually saw the returns instead of a letter from a bunch of accountants swearing that mitt romney paid taxes. >> you're saying the accountants are lying? >> no. i'm just saying i'm not sure that harry reid is feeling too contrite about this until mitt romney actually shows what he's done. >> i think -- stop for one moment. i think he should be feeling contrite. i don't think it's good enough for harry reid, who stands up with all the power of the senate behind him, and basically says mitt romney paid no tax, fact, when it turns out to be an absolute load of baloney. i don't look at these figures and feel outraged. >> i'm not sure that we need to feel outraged at mitt romney's personal situation. i agree with katie, he's extraordinarily generous giving all that money to his church. what i think we should feel outrage is sort of the double standard by which he's operating now and saying that -- this goes back to the point that henry made thoughtfully which
of gospel approach and conner is the author. what is the premise? >> not something use the with harry reid dormant romney or prominent mormons my argument is the scriptures and the teachings support a more libertarian framework especially they think libertarians are marijuana smoking atheist sori dispel what liberty is if libertarian as some and provide resources why to show the war meant faith supports that point* of view. >>host: where did mortgage come from? >> profit it is of book of a the seven scriptures apart from the bible. more men was a profit to combined the profit we call ourselves a latter-day saints good collectively known as mormons. >>host: they are overwhelmingly re
: senator harry reid lost his marbles? listen to the senate majority leader call romney's mormonism in question. >> there are a lot of members of the lds church, latter day-saints church. they understand that he is not the face of mormonism. >> eric: but he is no stranger to outrageous claims. >> the word is out he hasn't paid any taxes for ten years. let him prove he has paid taxes, because he hasn't. >> eric: see, i guess maybe he has. now listen to dirty harry when asked questions he didn't want to answer. >> i don't want to answer that question. that is a clown question, bro. >> eric: so good you got to hear it again. >> that's a clown question, bro. [ laughter ] >> eric: clown question. since we're talking oval office hopefuls in the religious influences now listen to president obama favorite pastor. >> bob: here we go. >> eric: none other than the one and only reverend jerry wright. >> god bless america. no, no, no. not god bless america. god damn america. >> eric: you know what they say, show me the man's pastor of 20 years and i'll show you the man. bob? >> bob: i hadn't see
obama thing was 15 years ago. now we have reverend wright. harry reid is not the guy i would have as my hit man here. being a hit man is part of presidential politics. it happens. the republicans are not exactly all clean on this to say the least. i don't know what the complaint about the mormonism is, what the base of it is. people are not going to vote for him because he's mormon already made up their mind. >> greg: harry reid is not the face of mormonism. he is an ass of mormonmism. bitter crank. he does what conservatives have been trying to do, to make the left look stupid. i'm convinced that -- >> bob: trying to. >> greg: he's operated by computer chip inside karl rove's brain. >> kimberly: double agent. programmed. >> greg: shouldn't obama ask him to apologize for offending mormons? aren't we supposed to be beyond to fenning religion? isn't this what president obama talked about last week? >> bob: apologize for reverend wright's -- >> eric: but you pointed this out. do you realize this is one accusation that claims came from the senate floor. that is supposed to be sacred thing.
on the ticket. >> when you look at leadership, look at what paul ryan has done. when you've had harry reid in the senate saying it would be foolish to pass a budget. at least he put forward ideas, real road map. so you can criticize it. but where are the ideas on the other side?
. coming up, the usual liberal suspects, nancy pelosi, harry reid, mayor emanuel, set to take the stage at the dnc. we remind you of their finest, quote, civil rhetoric. and clint eastwood with an unscripted speech last night that really fired up the delegates at the rnc. what do hollywood liberals think of it? how did the audience react to it? we will analyze that speech. >> you mentioned about having a target date for bringing everybody home. you have given that target date... and i think -- mr. romney asked the only sensible question, he said, why are you giving the date out now? why >> sean: all eyes turn to charlotte, north carolina, the host city of the democratic national convention, a partial list of speakers include, massachusetts senator, john kerry, nancy pelosi, maryland governor martin o'malley and senate majority leaderarry reid and likely, elizabeth warren and sandra fluke and one liberal with a prime-time speaking spot is this man. watch his latest gaffe. [inaudible] >> sean: joining me is tucker carlson and kirstin powers. >> he said obama was as an african-american, cl
in which he paid no income tax. gwen: brings us to the harry reid -- >> he was trying to respond to harry reid, who had asserted that he'd never paid taxes. gwen: which is not true. does any of that matter? is this just getting it out of the way? >> i think this was the least worse worst moment for him to do this. the window was closing. he had promised to release his taxes. the debate coming up october 3. he might as well get it out of the way. it's not going to change the debate about how rich mitt romney is or whether he feels your pain or understands the problems of ordinary americans. those things are kind of set. harry reid will still campaign complain that we only have price waterhours cooper's summary. so that debate will continue, but the heart of it is the real problem for romney, which is this assertion that he doesn't understand the problems of ordinary americans. what president obama beats him on, he understands my problems, three to one. that's an unsustainable number. they have to try and turn that around. >> you can do one of two things to court voters. you can say someth
: do not be fooled. when we come back, harry reid said it would not happen, romney has released his tax returns. our economy headed straight over the fiscal cliff. congress, guess what, they are on vacation again. a chief economist joins me next. ♪ ♪ gerri: romney tonight releasing his 2011 tax return and a 20 year snapshot of his taxes. here to break it down for us peter barnes. were there any surprises? >> no. this looked a lot like what the governor released back in the spring when he filed for an extension. 379 pages. here is what we have today for the final returns filed and released today. $13.7 million in income for 2011. taxes 9.1 million. they donated some of their income to charity. for this 20 year snapshot for the rate they paid, what the governor paid in taxes and the tax rates, the hope of it rule, a big controversy. they paid an average rate of just over 20%. the lowest effective rate for, not sure what year, 13.6. charitable donations for the entire. just over 13%. the campaign is saying that taxes, plus donations, equal about 39% for the romney's. gerri: that is an
. when we come back, harry reid said it would not happen, romney has released his tax returns. our economy headed straight over the fiscal cliff. congress, guess what, they are on vacation again. a chief economist joins me next. ♪ copd makes it hard to breathe, but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. if you're still having difficulty breathing, ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at advair
. that information obviously contradicts what senate majority leader harry reid has been claiming about romney for more than a month now. >> the word's out that he hasn't paid any taxes for ten years. let him prove that he has paid taxes, because he hasn't. >> oh, when harry reid said the word is out, the thing is that reid himself was the one who put the word out. he's the one who made the accusation in the first place. turned out he didn't have any proof of his own. at least he hasn't offered any. he said a source was annin vestor at bain capital, romney's investment firm, an unnamed source. you might think that tonight in the face of the letter from romney's accounting firm, senator reid might retract his earlier claim. instead he released this statement. quote, the information released today reveals that mitt romney manipulated one of two years of tax returns he has seen fit to show the american people and only to conform with his public statements. that raises the question what else in those returns has romney manipulated. reid is talking about the fact that the romneys actually paid more
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 512 (some duplicates have been removed)